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State Regulations

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, jurisdictional leaders have issued executive orders that are temporarily altering local laws and regulations. We advise that you routinely check with your local authority for updates.

ATTENTION: Click here for an important message from TIPS regarding training options and resources for businesses in 2021.

Depending on your state or jurisdiction, responsible alcohol server and seller training can be mandatory, voluntary, or non-regulated. The regulations that pertain to TIPS classroom training and eTIPS online training vary by state. Our Government Relations department works closely with state liquor authorities to stay current on alcohol laws and regulations. Choose a state on the map to view alcohol server and seller training laws, as well as TIPS and eTIPS status.

If you have questions about a regulation, contact our Government Relations department at 800-GET-TIPS, ext. 390 or email Government Relations.

As part of our training support, we offer access to a database of Alcohol Laws & Regulations. The database contains a state-by-state breakdown of the laws and regulations that govern the promotion, sale, and service of alcohol beverages, and highlights any special liability for specific states or jurisdictions. View a sample report.

The Alcohol Laws & Regulations database is available free-of-charge to all active TIPS trainers, and to Certification Manager subscribers as part of their paid subscriptions. Learn more about Certification Manager.

Through this frequently updated database, users can research:

  • Liability and legal information
  • General information about alcohol laws and regulations
  • Policies regarding sales to minors
  • Server/seller training requirements
  • Contact information for state liquor authorities.

Trainers can also have access to our Government Relations department by emailing Government Relations.